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Director of healthcare innovation

I'm going to tell you about this innovative project my teams are working on.
Our ambition is to help healthcare professionals to provide better patient care, which is in the public interest.

Integrating research at Orange means contributing to useful projects like this one to improve liver transplants. There is no such thing as zero risk, but it is possible to minimize the risk and that is the whole objective of this Augmented Operating Theater project (BOPA). We are working with AP-HP*, Institut Mines-Télécom and other sponsors on this state-of-the-art project.

Orange Healthcare is contributing to this through a sponsorship project, technical advice and the arrival of 5G.

Three innovations form part of this futuristic operating theater.

Application chatbot

The chatbot

The chatbot will assist the surgeon, first by reading the patient's file on the day of the operation, then by assisting the doctor with a step-by-step checklist through the transplant procedure.

Casque de Réalité augmentée

Augmented Reality

When the surgeon opens the abdomen, they can view the organ’s digital twin in real time and see the anatomy in colour-coded 3D to practice, secure and facilitate surgical procedures.

Captation video

Video recording

An innovative device controlled by the surgeon's gaze will make it possible to film the entire operating field during the operation. Filming is useful for training new surgeons, improving practices and having support in the event of a dispute.

All of these devices require (and produce) large amounts of healthcare data that must be captured, securely transported, and stored for different purposes. This is also where Orange Healthcare can contribute all its knowledge on interoperability, healthcare data hosting,** cybersecurity, blockchain and 5G. Because of its low latency, 5G will notably allow the surgeon to operate on a patient using remote surgery!

* Public Healthcare – Hospitals of Paris. ** HDS in French

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