The other law of the jungle

The other law of the jungle

Popular belief claims that competition is the only law of the jungle. Yet science shows that it is not the strongest that survive, but the most cooperative groups. As with prehistoric hunters, who could never have hunted a mammoth alone... Our ancestors survived, above all, because they knew how to work together!

A good example is LetMeHelp, a mobile app created during lockdown

In spring 2020, some Orange employees who found themselves with less work to do volunteered to support the customer service teams that were overwhelmed. An application was created within 15 days to connect those who wanted to help and those who needed it.

Help, cooperation and selflessness, those are the real laws of the jungle.

Sarah Ly

During the lockdown, I volunteered half a day a week to answer customer calls. My motivation was really to lend a hand, I found it natural to give up my time and lighten the burden on the advisors.

Sarah Ly

When taking a call, we had to introduce ourselves to the client and make it clear that we were not "really" advisers.In the end, the people who called were happy that we took the time to talk to them. They wanted to talk to someone other than the loved ones with whom they were confined.

We took time to maintain a link with people. It also encouraged the members of the volunteer team to help one another. We helped each other out with instant messaging, and got the answers we needed in seconds. There were back-up colleagues who were helping everywhere, all over France. In my department, just over six people participated.

And even then, we talked to each other to get information, and we congratulated each other when we managed to answer questions. It brought us closer together too!

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