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customer relations manager

The main skill required of our advisers is to be completely at ease in human relations."
If, during the world cup final, your Livebox breaks, at that moment the customer doesn't want to talk to a robot, they don't have time to go to the store, they want to talk to a person and this person will have to be very strong to manage the situation, which is probably quite emotional. And to manage this, you don't necessarily need to have loads of degrees. However, you do need someone who is good at communicating and managing the interaction, emotion and stress.


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sales adviser

My role is to advise customers, to ensure that they are satisfied and to greet them in the store, and then to direct the customer to the specialist salespeople. It's a role that requires a certain dynamism. We are always listening to the customer. [...]
I really like the contact with customers. [...]
When I meet my targets, my efforts are rewarded and I have many bonuses based on the work I do every day. It pushes me to excel and it's really stimulating.


customer relations manager

The customer relations profession will be one of the most important professions in the coming years, because it will enable us to set ourselves apart. And our profession is in the midst of change; we are completely changing dimension. Everything is in play now.


Responsable relation client

Customer relations is new professions, new skills and new ways of working. For example, a customer adviser or Orange Bank call centre adviser is now also what we call a chatbot trainer.
How do we support this human transformation? With our ‘Adviser of the future' programme, which enables us to support people to develop their relationship skills as well as to help them acquire new knowledge such as data management.

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