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Are you someone who likes to take action! At Orange you will be right at home! Our employees are committed to helping the planet, digital equality and equal opportunities. Join our teams to share this commitment, from Paris to Ouagadougou, from Warsaw to New Delhi, within a generous and supportive community.


Supercoder Coach employees to raise 9- to 14-year-olds' awareness of digital in France and certain other countries

2 800

applications submitted by employee volunteers and retirees (call for charitable projects) since 2010

2 040

Orange commits to being Net Zero Carbon by 2040.


Orange Foundation volunteer

I wanted to make myself useful and pass something on. I had heard about the Foundation's Digital Centers Program and its efforts to help young people and women and in the beginning I didn't really know who to help.
I quickly realized that helping women to get back into work through digital matched both my desires and my skills.
It's so satisfying to see a woman brimming with plans for the future!

A thousand and one ways to get involved!

By giving your time or sharing your skills, by suggesting a project or offering your services to a non-profit, by volunteering during your working hours, by getting involved individually or collectively to raise awareness, train, help or support those who need it the most.

600 employee volunteers for equal opportunities

Since 2008, 600 employee volunteers have committed every year to providing educational and professional support to young people from modest backgrounds. There are many benefits: helping young people who have no "network" in their chosen field, creating a connection between generations, preventing dropouts, detecting talent and meeting people from different backgrounds. This commitment develops your civic and cooperative spirit while contributing towards the company's collective performance through partnerships with non-profit organizations for instance.

Solidarity with the Orange Foundation  

The Orange Foundation encourages employees to get involved in projects that create social ties. This action fosters digital inclusion via Orange Solidarity for example, as well as access to culture and knowledge. Through education and digital training, it promotes the social and professional integration of people in difficulty such as women, students, young people experiencing exclusion, people with autism, etc. Many employees experience this human adventure and embody our Group's solidarity values.

The Engagement Makers Award: rewarding commitment

Through its Engage 2025 strategic plan, Orange is committed to striking a balance between economic performance and a sustainable approach. This commitment is first and foremost embodied on a daily basis by the women and men within the Group through their initiatives. The Engagement Makers award promotes and rewards the best of these team efforts in support of net zero carbon emissions, digital equality and solidarity. Great sources of inspiration for everyone! In 2021, 213 projects were shortlisted, 12,872 votes were cast, and 5 winners were chosen.

Committed employees

Céline, Chantal and Marcel, committed employees who act on a daily basis to help women and young people in difficulty.

Sarah Ly

During the lockdown, I volunteered half a day a week to answer customer calls. My motivation was really to lend a hand, I found it natural to give up my time and lighten the burden on the advisors.

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is the candidate experience in France, in the category of companies with over 1,000 employees

Since 2011, Orange has GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) certification in some twenty countries