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"Orange is becoming a software company. We make a significant contribution to Open Source projects used all over the world. [...]
Code Rooms, Hackathons, pair programming, code review, in-house schools with a large catalogue of training courses: we are, above all, software professionals and we cultivate that."

Cédric is head of training for software jobs

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software engineer

"I never do the same thing two days running. It's very varied. I write code, naturally, but I get to do tests, I have discussions with the customers. No two days are ever the same. At Orange, I belong to one of the eight groups known as Orange Experts, and I am in the development group so I also contribute, along with my community to enriching, exchanging with my fellow experts, to take on board best practices from other groups."


Head of the software hub

When we write code and it is deployed, it is for millions of end customers. This aspect of the job makes it challenging and give sit purpose.
Because we are a high-tech company, which needs to differentiate itself from its competitors, and create partnerships with the big players of this world, we need to be always testing and implementing the new technologies like the Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning.
And because we are a big company that has investment in its genes, we have the means to do it.

Jérôme is head of the Software Hub at the Orange France IT Department and coordinator of the community of Orange Software experts


Mobile applications

"Open-mindedness is encouraged, which means that if you are just a bit curious and like to get involved, as a developer you're never bored!
I get to attend major conferences, for example a DevFest in Toulouse. I also hosted a technical conference in Strasbourg on the Kotlin language. Within the Group, we also hold these sorts of conferences in-house. Just recently, it was two days in Toulouse for the whole of France, devoted to the development of Android and iOS. And yesterday, in Pessac, I gave a presentation about open source: how to contribute, what it means, and so on.
Sometimes, we find others who are just as passionate on the other side of the looking glass by taking part in the organisation of outside conferences or running associations such as Google Developers Groups."

Pierre-Yves is developing mobile applications

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What about tomorrow ?


The first thing is that a developer can envisage remaining at Orange as a developer. It is perfectly possible to spend a part or even the whole of your career while remaining at the heart of software development, of technology, and having a variety of experiences while continuing to progress, never getting bored, having responsibility, and moving around between the different communities of expertise. And, at the same time, it is also possible to do something completely different, go into the management of people or projects, take on the role of architect, or even envisage a complete change of career, in sales or HR.

Cédric is head of training for software jobs

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head of the software hub

Orange is participating each year in the developing challenge " Meilleur développeur de France" in France. (Even if we know that he is the "best Dave in France)

Jérôme is head of the software hub and Orange Expert

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