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BtoB technical innovation

IoT is like a four-stage rocket.
The rocket's first stage covers objects. The second stage: communication between these objects. The third stage comprises the IT platforms managing this connectivity. And the rocket's final stage incorporates business applications, e.g. managing parking spaces or street lighting.

Jean-Michel is the group's assistant IoT innovation technical manager and BtoB assistant


million water meters connected with Veolia

Top 5

European operators


million connected objects already managed by Orange


Marketing Director

You're working in an exceptionally high-growth market - worth around €20 billion and expected to reach more than €30 billion in 2023, so with growth exceeding 12% per year.
This means that there is significant and growing demand for people who understand this sector - particularly specialists - on the job market.

Luc is IoT marketing director for the IoT SMS Business Unit

Our offers

We are hiring for a significant number of different jobs. Technical jobs, of course - testing and hardware, software development - which cover lots of different technical areas.
But we are also looking for designers, marketing product managers.
And for all these jobs, we must be able to understand how connected objects and communication technologies work.

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