Honey, I expanded the network (again)


Network strategy

The telecoms sector is an industry with very significant technological innovation. Things move fast. We are implementing innovation resources to always stay one step ahead. And as the network develops quickly, R&D projects are used very quickly on networks. This includes 5G - a topic which research worked with - several years ago, and which has become a reality for our customers - as well as automation and artificial intelligence.

Yves is the network strategy director


maintenance technician

Being a technician on the local copper network mainly means working on the network as a two-person team, completing maintenance and network upkeep tasks, as well as location to identify failures and restart customer services.

30 000

employees deploy, maintain and supervise our networks worldwide


European leader in fibre optics


million 4G customers worldwide


Network strategy

As an incumbent operator, we have the most varied network, the most complex, the biggest of all the companies in France, and a variety of jobs which the others don't have, across all regions.

Yves is the network strategy director


Network strategy

Working on the network at Orange means facing four challenges. The first challenge: supporting growth, so more speed, more volume. That is what we have done with fibre, and we are deploying 4G and now 5G.

The second challenge: doing this economically, as use is increasing but not the bills paid by our customers.

Third challenge: automating networks, which are increasingly complex to resolve in terms of finance but also offering a good quality of service. This means installing software which will manage networks. The next stage, which is being prepared and which starts now, is using artificial intelligence.

The fourth challenge: more energy efficient networks, with greener energy sources.

Yves is the network strategy director

Jobs in networks

Orange Group


of our employees are proud to work for Orange


recommend Orange as a good place to work


is the candidate experience in France, in the category of companies with over 1,000 employees

Since 2011, Orange has GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) certification in some twenty countries