We won't go into retail

Wholesale, in a word, is the operator to operator business

  • Selling network connectivity to other operators
  • Buying access to third party networks for our customers
  • Managing major projects to implement
  • Contributing to the digital development of our regions with the Public Initiative Networks


Head of operator services

It's a vast field: we are involved in everything from customer relations, to the network, IT, and business. We are at the heart of telecoms in France, in a field that is changing quite a lot, we are constantly transforming. [ ]
We are trusted, we have resources and we can take initiatives

Vincent is the head of operator services and the information system


employees are working in Wholesale


customer operators




Head of operator services

We are looking for all sorts of profiles, from marketing to customer relations, negotiation to sales. We are also looking for project managers, developers and business analysts.
In IT, we not only need people who can develop our information system but also technical sales engineers.


Sales Director

Wholesale is a great stepping-stone in your career as it offers an opportunity to acquire advanced skills and knowledge about the way other operators work.
It is technical know-how that will become increasingly strategic, especially with the rollout of fibre in France and the impending arrival of 5G and all the related connectivity needs

Remy is the Wholesale Landline Sales Director

Jobs in wholesale

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