Child. Family. Career.

Don't give up anything, don't put anything on hold. At Orange, you can.

You have several lives in one. Pursue a career without sacrificing your family or personal commitments. At Orange, we make every effort to ensure you have a good work-life balance.


Products Strategy

What I like the most, as a woman, at Orange, is being able to reconcile my personal and professional lives, which is usually an obstacle to women's development. For example, in my previous position at Orange, I had two periods of maternity leave, one after the other, and I got a promotion a few months after I returned from maternity leave.

RAN Products Strategy Manager

100 000

employees worked from home during the lockdown

2,1 days

worked from home on average per week and per employee


the score employees give to hybrid working (in the office and WFH)


  • Regulated times for meetings, in compliance with the team's working hours
  • The right to disconnect from digital tools outside working hours
  • A remote assistance service to receive personalized support, to support family members who are seriously ill, disabled or experiencing a loss of independence
  • A scheme allowing employees to assess their work experience at Orange every year



As an ethical hacker, I have a personal commitment to help children and young people to stay safe online. Orange totally supports my cause, allows me to participate in TV shows, frees up the time I need to travel.

Pentester and ethical hacker at Orange Cyberdefense (Oslo)

Orange Group


of our employees are proud to work for Orange


recommend Orange as a good place to work


is the candidate experience in France, in the category of companies with over 1,000 employees

Since 2011, Orange has GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) certification in some twenty countries