Artificial Intelligence

Make the machine do the work


Research engineer

My job involves developing artificial intelligence algorithms, for example, to recognize human emotions, recognize people in a picture, or transcribe the audio from meetings and summarize it in a report.
In concrete terms, what we're looking for is operational efficiency: getting the best out of our networks, guaranteeing the best quality of service for our users, adapting our services to offer the best quality of experience.

Stéphane is an AI and data research engineer

Stéphane, co-creator of the sensitive home of tomorrow

30 national and European projects


is the growth in business profitability generated by AI by 2035


specialists work in AI research and development


ergonomics designer

Beyond technological prowess, I ask myself what a robot could offer a human, and the impact of the robot-human co-habitation on our future ways of life, and therefore the responsibilities and rights involved in what we, Humans, will make of it.


Research engineer

The appeal in working for an industrial stakeholder such as Orange is being able to carry out research which has an applied value. What we develop will have a concrete use. Furthermore, within Orange, we are backed by the power of Orange Labs within a community of researchers, allowing us to take our work even further and generate value rapidly.

Stéphane is an AI and data research engineer

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Since 2014 Orange is certified GEEIS (Gender Equality for European and International Standard)