24h with...

24h with...

Reham, Meera, Antoine, Adam, Mia, Samia ... get a glimpse of our day at work

Reham, Business Operations and Service Transition

Hello, my name is Reham. I'm Head of Business Operations and Service Transition for the EEMEA Region at Orange Business, based in Cairo, Egypt. I functionally manage a transversal team of 30.

24h with Reham

Meera, Data Scientist

Hello, I'm Meera is a Data Scientist for Orange Business, based in Oslo. I work with many different industries on multiple cloud projects at once, helping to find the most appropriate solutions to various issues…

24h with Meera

Antoine, Full Stack Developer

Hi, I'm Antoine, Full Stack Developer in Lannion, Brittany, and former scrum master at Nokia where I managed a 5G dev team. Today, I work on the front- and backend of a website enabling fraud detection.

24h with Antoine

Loredana, Data Analyst

Hello, I'm Loredana. I'm currently a Data Analyst as part of the Orange Graduate Program in Mougins. My work revolves around all things data: understanding it, extracting it, analyzing it, visualizing it…

24h with Loredana

Mia, Pentester

Hello, My name's Mia. I'm Pentester at Orange Cyberdefense in Oslo. My job is to test the security of websites, applications and information systems, in particular to secure your data.

24h with Mia

Adam, Maintenance Technician

Hello, I'm Adam, and I've been working as a company maintenance technician for 5 years in the Paris region.

24h with Adam

Samia, Sales Representative

Samia is 25, and has been working for Orange for 3 years as a sales representative in the Paris region.

24h with Samia

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