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Manager at Cyberdefense

For me, security is an integral part of any system or network. So working in cybersecurity means I can get involved in all areas of IT. […]

What I like, what excites me, is to provide solutions in a context where we are dealing with increasingly complex individual cases, a growing threat and an increase in regulatory constraints.

Sylvie is managing a team of consultants at Orange Cyberdefense


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Manager at Cyberdefense

At Orange, we build bridges between our different areas of expertise. For example, the network is not part of cybersecurity, yet it needs to be secured. The trick is to be able to adapt security to the client's network needs.

Sylvie is managing a team of consultants at Orange Cyberdefense

Not a security expert? Cyberdefense Academy will train you up!

Are you graduating with a degree specializing in IT security? Looking for an exciting work placement? Are you an IT engineer or consultant with a good understanding of IT systems? We will hire you and train you on the job, with support from senior consultants.

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The tool we use most is our brain. It is not so much the vast array of tools that makes a good pentester, but a good general understanding and an ability to understand what tools are able to do.

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