PhD-Combining Knowledge Graph and Digital Twin of Cyber-Physical Systems- F/M

ref :2022-10925 | 21 Jun 2022

apply before : 19 Jul 2022

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about the role

Your role is to carry out a PhD work on: "Combining Knowledge Graph and Digital Twin of a Cyber-Physical System using Autonomous Agents: Application to Logistics".


Digital twins (DT) can be seen as virtual clones of real objects which collect data in real time and allow their state to be acted upon. Adding autonomy into the collection-action loop leads to the design of autonomous digital twins, that are able to make decisions on their own. Urban logistics is a field in which the environment is constantly changing and in which the resources have varied and numerous characteristics. For these reasons, we have chosen urban logistics as our primary domain of application.


The delivery of the last miles is a logistics, urban planning and environmental issue. The rise of e-commerce increases the number of transactions, while the capacity of warehouses decreases, resulting in an increase in last mile deliveries [1,2,3]. The introduction DT in the domains of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (PCS) has improved the efficiency of information processing applications in these domains. The smart city domain can benefit from these technological advances [4].


Some research work uses a multi-agent architecture [5][6] to manage cyber-physical systems but their contribution to the design of DTs as well as the benefit of exploiting JNs remains to be demonstrated.


The main objective of this PhD is to propose an autonomous DT model of a system aiming at combining knowledge model (knowledge graph), connecting it to the system in real time (IoT) and enabling autonomous decision-making (multi-agent).

[1] McKinnon & al. Green logistics: Improving the environmental sustainability of logistics.

[2] Liu, Y & al. Digital Twin-Driven Approach for Smart City Logistics: The Case of Freight Parking Management.

[3] Liu, Y & al. Connected Freight Parking in Smart City Logistics.

[4] M Zargayouna & al.  Generic model for resource allocation in transportation. Application to urban parking management.

[5] Thomas Clemen & al. Multi-Agent Systems and Digital Twins for Smarter Cities.

[6] Birgit Vogel-Heuser & al., An approach for leveraging Digital Twins in agent-based production systems.



about you

Skill (technical and scientific) and personal quality required for the position

  • You have a diploma from an engineering school or research master in Computer Science
  • You are persevering and rigorous
  • You have knowledge in Multi-Agent System and Semantic Web
  • You have development experience in Java and Semantic Web technologies
  • You are comfortable a least in English (speak, read, write), French is a plus
  • You are willing to pursue a career in research


Diplomas and education background

  • You have a diploma from an engineering school or research master in Computer Science
  • Research domain: Multi-Agent Systems, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence


Research Experience

  • Internship in research
  • Publication in conference or journal is a plus


additional information

The emergence of Digital Twins arouses many research works, both in industrial and research level. Integration of reasoning abilities to Digital Twin on its own capacity; on actions’ effects on his environment and interaction function with other Digital Twins is an innovative topic.

Application of future work to the logistics domain should have a positive impact on environmental, societal, and economical aspects.

For these two reasons, this offer has significant potential for innovation in promising subjects at both theoretical and application level and publication opportunities in the two research fields of digital twins and logistics.


The tools considered to address the subject of multi-agent systems and knowledge graphs are themselves advanced technologies whose application to the field of logistics is innovative.


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