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GPO TM Practice Team Program Manager Release Management & Business Evolution

ref :577275 | 27 sept. 2023

date limite de candidature : 14 juin 2024

Egypt Cairo - Egypte

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Key Area

Resposibilities & Deliverables

Mission / Role Purpose

The Technical Management Practice Team (former CMRM Global Process Owner) is accountable to the business for operational effectiveness of

Technical, Change & Release Management processes and activities, as well as supporting the Communities working within this scope.

The practice team provides the support & guidance accross the globe to a community of more than 500 Operational Technical Engineers and Change Managers in charge to deliver world-class services to Orange Business International Customers.


Technical domains are at core Connectivity (WAN, LAN, SDWAN, Networkboost, etc.) and extend towards Security, Cloud, Monitoring & Optimisation and further.


Besides the support to daily TM business, the team is responsible to impulse and drive transformation accross the TM organization and beyond, to introduce best practices transversally with holistic view and best customer experience in mind.


The TM Practice Program Manager role ensures CMRM processes and Technical Management scope, duties & activities are designed to ultimately drive business benefit and to make it easier for employees to deliver the services. Engage with the long-term OBS-wide vision and strategy in mind, as well as contribute to objectives and performance goals.


Partnering with the business, the Program Manager will define and execute a roadmap to transform the organisation from the ‘current state’ to a desired ‘future state’. Leading identification, prioritisation and delivery of process improvements, ensuring they support organisational outcomes and business results.


The nature of the role will grow and vary over time, sometimes the focus will be on significant transformation and at other times it will be on keeping the process on track and driving process compliance and performance.



Core Responsibilities:

  • Establish/Maintain/Adapt Governance, Vision, Mission & Strategy
  • Assure regular global communication and alignment with community in scope
  • Design, update & document processes, procedures and workflows
  • Improve Process Performance and Maturity
  • Establish guidelines, roles & responsibilities, job skills & learning paths, organization & operation models, global standards and best practices
  • Support new product induction & incubation
  • Manage, align, adapt global workforce & service performance metrics, targets and KPI’s (Volumes, Quality, Productivity, Accuracy, etc.)
  • Regularly measure performance and manage target compliance
  • General issues and questions coordination, collaboration and support
  • Deliver individual projects and assignment (Role support, Transformation, Product introduction, customer improvement initiatives, ops models introduction, business continuity, Audits, etc.)
  • Stand in and contribute on the GPO teams responsibilities
  • Manage adherence to industrie standards and support respective audits (ITIL, ISO, SOC2, SOX, etc.)
  • Training & upskilling on required and related skills

Core deliverables (apply best in class standards):

  • Clear governance information & documentation
  • Process & Practice Chain documentation
  • Documented organization, services, roles, responsibilities, operational models, transformations, etc.
  • Meaningful Metrics, Measurements, KPI’s and Targets are defined and available
  • Operational Performance aligned with targets and business needs.
    (implementations, changes & release upgrades timely and accurate)
  • Excellent customer experience, high ratings, good use of feedbacks for improvement
  • Overall cost efficiency & optimization
  • Business aligned continuous improvement, process maturity, flexibility
  • Adherence to Compliance criteria (Business, Technical, Security)
  • Risk management
  • Effective and efficient project management, task & actions tracking and follow-up


votre profil

Education, Knowledge, Skills and Experience

knowledge and abilities

Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal. Excellent active listening skills.

Excellent Presentation, Moderation, Coordination & Mediation skills (Meeting&Workshops facilitation, animation, leadership; interaction with many stakeholders)

Knowledge and Experience on IT Service Management, Project Management, business alignment, organisational transformation and transversal collaboration and respective methodologies & projects.

Strong understanding of the organization and the current working model roles and responsibilities, or good ability to quickly adapt to organizational structures and understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Ability to clearly articulate messages to a variety of audiences, establish and maintain strong relationships, influence others and move toward a common vision or goal, work under pressure and deal with multiple tasks

Good Management abilities and experience with collaborative transversal, interdisciplinary and end-to-end approach.

Leadership and Animation of projects & programs with management & stakeholders (Collaboration, moderation, workshop management, methods, tools, softskills). Structuring, modeling, organization of teams/departments/business requirements/data & reporting. Alignment & design of transversal processes and service models.

Flexible and adaptable,

Manage situations as they come, guide to clarification and resolutions.

Adapt to organizational change, manage challenges and new duties arising.

Able to work with and resolve ambiguous situations.

Strong and practical knowledge of all tools used in Service Transition (Salto, SNOW, Fileade, Sesam, MachX, Prod+, Toscan, XConf etc.)

or generally about tools supporting/managing processes, workflows & collaboration.

Should have fundamental knowledge of the OSI Network Layer Model and particular understanding on Layer 1, 2 and 3.

Strong IT Service & Standards knowledge and experience are mandatory.

Good understanding of OBS services & products.

Self-driven, self sufficient and able to work under minimal supervision and target/result based.

Excellent Problem solving and root cause identification skills.

Able to work effectively at all levels in an organization.

Must be a team player and able to work collaboratively with and through others.

Distinct business acumen and understanding of organizational issues and challenges.

Familiarity with project management activities and standards as well as change & incident management approaches.

Experience with large-scale organizational change activities, practices & efforts.

IT Standards Certification (Change-, Release-, Incident-, Project- Management, ISO/SOC/TQM/ITIL) desired.

Willing to work in extended timeframes and timezones (Flexibility)


education, qualifications, and certifications

Engineering, Telecommunications or Computer Science or any Professional degree or equivalent qualification.

ITIL, COBIT, TQM, ISO IT standards qualification and experience

Good Understanding of the following:

  • Leadership and Animation of projects & programs with management & stakeholders (Collaboration, moderation, workshop management, methods, tools, softskills)
  • Structuring, modeling, organization of teams/departments/business requirements/data & reporting
  • Alignment & design of processes and service models
  • Service Models (MSI, Multi Service, Integrator, Cooperated Services, Process/Service Outsourcing) and respective organisational best practices / challenges.
  • Networks and connectivity domain (Routers, Network Boost, Hybryd solutions, SDWAN)
  • LAN Management, Unified communication & collaboration solutios, cloud services
  • IT Security and compliancy


Agile Product Owner / Agile Coach Certification



Minimum of 5-15 years of Experience in IT netwoks technology/industry mandatory.

Excellent Customer Interaction Skills (business ettiquette, strong communication, interpersonal, collaborative, responsible, committed, analytical)

Experience in Managing Customer service or service entity and transforming with changing requirements. (good understanding of organisation,process, roles, responsibilities, project management, agile)

IT Service & Quality standards application and transformation experience (ITIL, ISO 20k/27k/9k, COBIT, SixSigma, TQM)

Self-driven, target oriented, well organized and able to work under minimal supervision



behavioral skills

skill target proficiency level expected


Agility & Flexibility



Structured & Organised






Results driven






Prioritization and balance




professional skills

skill target proficiency level expected


Global effectiveness



Operational excellence &



Customer service orientation



Financial excellence



Knowledge and development



Teamworking and networking


le plus de l'offre

Career Opportunities

Why become a TM Practice Program Manager / CMRM DGPO

The position will give you :

  • Exposure to key transformation projects for Orange\GDO with their complexities and challenges.
  • Work at a global scale with all stakeholders within IBO and partners
  • Global picture and involvement on the organization, processes, transformation
  • Exposure to higher Management
  • Opportunity to enhance coordination and project management skills
  • Opportunity to work transversally among the teams and entities
  • Opportunity to create change, participate & drive improvement


Role opportunities for Technical Management Program Manager

Management (Support and Operations scope), Product Owner, SIE, Practice Head / GPO



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