Challenge yourself

Take on the challenges of the future. At Orange, you can.

Bring your ideas to life. Those that make sense to you and that have real value for Orange. Yes, it's possible, and you're the one who did it.


"The craziest thing I have achieved at Orange, so far, is addressing a customer pre-sale request in under a week.
To do that, we had to throw our processes out the window. And we all wanted to win this project so much and make it happen that we did it!"

neo.tv Digital Project Manager

Leading a project at Orange

  • Means you are trusted by your boss
  • Involves putting all your energy into defending an idea you believe in
  • Gives you the freedom to innovate
  • Means taking control of your project and managing it from A to Z
  • Means knowing that the team is always there to support and guide


"A Talent Manager and the Graduate team have followed me throughout my career. They know me well, meaning they can suggest a position to me that will help me go further.
So this year, I'm heading for Moscow! I know that this position will involve lots of challenges, but I will have lots of support to make this assignment as success."

Orange Graduate, class of 2019


"We are looking for people with experience, we are looking for young graduates. And above all, curiosity and people who are motivated.
We are really trying to create a combination of competencies and energies to make this transformation project a success together. We are right at the start and we need people who really want to create things and build this team to work together."

Transformation Project Manager, Orange Cloud for Business

Orange Group


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Since 2014 Orange is certified GEEIS (Gender Equality for European and International Standard)